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Eva and I

Eva arrived with speed on a sunny Saturday at 38.5 weeks. She weighed 3140g and was 50cm long.

My sister bought me a hypno-birthing cd and I’d been listening to it for the past month or so leading up to birth. I knew I wanted one last listen before heading to the hospital and it really helped to cope as more intense contractions began. Once I’d finished listening, they were already just 6 minutes apart and the H was insistent that it was definitely time to get a move on and head to the hospital!

We lived just 5 minutes from my hospital of choice, hence my lack of worries in this matter but it still was a very speedy birth.

We arrived at 14:00 and were admitted straight to the delivery room. My cervix dilated from 3cm to 8cm within the hour with Eva arrived at 15:19! The H didn’t even have time to actually register us! Though a very intense hour, it was ideal for me as her brother  had taken 18hours and I wasn‘t keen on a repeat scenario.

Standing up and rotating my hips massively helped and I didn’t need any medical assistance. I focused on breathing through the waves and making low tonal noises!

So here she is, a beautiful little lady and a true blessing to complete our little Silberzahn herd!


It’s unbelievable to me that a year has passed. Eva is a beautiful smiling little girl who grins at all who she meets. She completely adores her big brother and is always very excited to see him in the morning and when we collect him from kindergarten together. She’s strong, speedy and very curious about everything she sees. What a blessing she is.




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