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The fashion industry has always gotten a hard time as a business ripe in wasteful practices and propagating unhealthy ideals and images. A new vanguard of designers are supplying people with an alternative and the ideas of sustainability, ethical thinking, fair trade and Upcycling have become common terms, not only in fashion but across the creative industries and entrepreneurial business. It seems that if you work in any kind of business a social and environmental consciousness is a pre-requisite to being considered credible.

I’ve found it fascinating in my research and in my role as a mother that the majority of independent children’s products now boast “organic” as a standard criteria. As parents we increasingly desire our children to live in and inherit a safe, secure and clean world and we are educating them on how and nurturing within them the importance. The designs are great too; colourful, imaginative and cool. Stylish smalls in gender neutral clothing is increasingly available. Quality finishing and durable fabrics are a must. To me it would appear that children’s clothing and product design is leading the way in promoting the idea of sustainable living. I’ll be looking to profile ‘adult’ lifestyle brands that are focussing not only on these ideals but also creating stylish and attractive product.

My favourite children’s brand and frequent winner of awards is The Bonnie Mob, it’s ethos “Buy Once, Buy Well and Pass it on” is both inspiring and plain common sense.

the bonnie mob

My son, aged 18months wearing a selection of pieces from The Bonnie Mob. At age 5 they are still his favourite!

Under the hash tag #SUSTAINABLESTYLE You‘ll find interviews with people working in this industry, images and profiles of businesses that are putting into practice the eco ethos as well as facts and figures and input from my life as a entrepreneurial business women, mother of two. 

I look forward to sharing with you behind the scenes info from those pushing the boundaries in stylish, conscious consumerism. If you’re looking for a window into this fascinating industry you’ll find it here.



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