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The H and I always try to extend the christmas break with a January holiday. The best way to start the year after all has got to be by relaxing. Once we’ve visited both sets of family in Germany and England, begun to wind down from work stress and of course recovered from the inevitable winter cold, it’s really wonderful to know there’s something to look forward too just around the corner. I’d seriously recommend a January holiday to absolutely everyone, even a long weekend in a nice hotel helps fight the January blues!

With Baby 2 on the way, we were keen to do a serious holiday since who knows when this will occur again! With a toddler in tow and being 24 weeks pregnant, there were a few specific needs on our list to enable the best possible break:

  1. Childcare facilities: ie a children’s play area and babysitting service.
  2. Pregnancy Massage qualified Spa Therapists (High on my list!)
  3. Sun, Sand and Sea!
  4. Max 12 hour flight preferably broken up or over night.

Silberzahn Style loves Mauritius

Having done copious amounts of research on baby friendly resorts, we finally settled on Barbados and were just about to finalise and book, when we were reminded of the continued outbreak of the Zika* Virus. Though they have lowered the threat level, advice remains to avoid travel to affected areas if pregnant or trying to become so clearly Barbados was out. Research begun again, flights co-ordinated, resorts compared, multitudes of family holiday websites visited, immunisations gotten up to date. In the end booking.com provided the necessary insight and so Mauritius became the destination of choice.

Find out how we faired on our top 3 criteria and more!

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  • Fashion & Style: Pregnancy Holiday Packing
  • Family: Travelling Toddler Tips and Tricks
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*For further information on the Zika Virus and countries affected please see the following links in English www.gov.uk http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk and in German. https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de

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