Styling Sessions

I specialize in creating stylish, effortless and wearable wardrobes that align with my clients personal brand values.

Image affects people’s perception of you and more importantly how you feel about yourself. When you know you look good, you feel good.

Are you becoming more visible within your career? Attending online conferences, networking, pitching for investment? Professional styling advise is crucial if you want to develop your personal brand and align your overall image to generate the right first impression and gain confidence in your own style, even if that currently means just playing a strong “table up” game!

The issue with many wardrobes is that they are aimless. Without a goal or an overall vision behind them, they become glorified storage units instead of a gallery of options.

All my personal styling sessions include a personality and lifestyle analysis via which I get to understand you, your needs and your ideal image. Time with me is planned and focused to unsure you gain as much as possible from the experience and includes a wealth of bespoke advice, insider tips, trend information and styling tricks. You’ll be left at the end of each session with a sense of direction and clarity alongside a deeper perspective of how to put together outfits that fit your unique personal brand and your lifestyle.

Silberzahn StyleI’m a SUSTAINABLE STYLIST which means my focus, after over 20 years tenure in the fashion industry, is to ensure you’re not only looking fabulous but that your style aligns with your values and your ethics. If you are looking for high quality design that will last, then I’m here to help, if knowing who made your clothes, under what conditions they work and if they are fairly paid, is important to you, then I’ll guide you to socially responsible brands and businesses. Vintage is a brilliant way to add originality and interest to your outfits, it’s also better for the planet, allow me to seek out treasures that will gain you the right kind of attention. As a fashion designer, buyer and stylist I’ve always been passionate about supporting independent labels and local boutiques, I’m delighted to share my insider knowledge, network and experience to seek out the very best that will compliment your ideal image.

I offer a range of services including wardrobe edits, accompanied shopping trips and my most popular offering a personalised digital look book. 

The Digital Look Book: Ideal if you’re avoiding the shops or actually loathe shopping.

Having thoroughly analysed your style, your needs and your desires let me inspire you with a shoppable lookbook. If you’re time poor and just need expert direction, let me take the hassle out of creating a great new look for you. If you’re avoiding the shops then sit back while I curate a personalised digital Look book full of inspiration so you can click and shop from the comfort of your sofa, confident that you’ll be discovering fresh ideas, brands, styles and colour combinations tailored for your unique look.


Rediscover, Reawaken and Refresh your style, your confidence and the contents of your closet.

Do you want a wardrobe of clothes that you look forward to choosing from each morning? A choice of garments that ensure you always look put together and feel confident, stylish and yourself?

  • Let’s Rediscover your Wardrobe. Show me your top 3 outfits and discover more about your body shape and the best styles to suit you.
  • Together we’ll Reawaken the contents of your closet alongside tailoring it to your current needs. Let’s focus on getting the most out of what you own.
  • Refresh: We’ll review those items that no longer serve you, creating space for the coming season and identify what you need to add, to update your look.

Session A:  Focuses on the 3 R’s as outlined above.

Session B: Ideal for when you have a larger closet or have a specific event you need an outfit for. Includes the 3 R’s as outlined above PLUS two specific outfit creations for an upcoming experience.

Session C: The Full Review
This experience is all about creating multiple fresh options for varied situations and occasions. Together we’ll design a wardrobe that’s stylish, effortless and wearable. The full review session includes an extended 3 R’s session PLUS accompanied Shopping Experience adding to your closet key items to update your look and curating fresh outfits for a specific event. On trend styling tips and tricks will be provided as well as the bonus of a mini digital look book, provided after our time together to motivate and inspire you further.

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