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Think, Feel, Act, React.

The way we dress
affects the way we
the way we
the way we
and the way others
to us.

Judith Rasband*

And this is certainly a challenge when pregnant! The speed which the body changes, the raging hormones, the exhaustion… Pregnancy may indeed be joyous in concept but it’s often not easy physically or mentally.

I recently began researching the issue of body image and the rise of body shaming during pregnancy and to be honest was quite shocked by the comments received by mums in my immediate circle. Though I experienced my fair share of insensitive stupidity, I was horrified how upset these women had felt, that they felt they couldn’t talk about it and how deeply it had affected their self confidence.

Think, feel, act, react!

Those first 13 weeks can be a time of great excitement, debilitating sickness, secrecy and untold anxiety and fear. Talk about a smorgasbord of emotion! No wonder mothers’ minds are often overwhelmed with a thousand thoughts and feelings.

Whether you feel the need to hide your growing bump, so your boss doesn’t find out sooner than you wish, or indeed your friends and family till you feel ready to share your news. How you dress can become an unwelcome headache. An expanding belly and bust can quickly make clothes uncomfortable and sadly solicit unwelcome and inappropriate comments. This all plays a part in how confident you feel and by default how you think and act.

React… external opinion and comment which may normally roll off you like water off a duck’s back can somehow floor you during this emotional time. Pregnant bumps, just like women’s bodies come in a multitude of wondrous shapes and sizes. Naturally they deserve the utmost respect and reverence and certainly not abuse in any form.

The interviews and thoughts collected from my brave readers will be shared in a future post, and if you’d like to share your experience both positive and negative, please feel free to email me via amy@silberzahnstyle.com Your thoughts and experiences will remain anonymous.

In the meantime to help on the style front, coming up this month will be my Baker’s Dozen of Maternity Style, 13 tips and trick for a stylish “momtobe” wardrobe.


Quote by *Judith Rasband is a Certified Image Master (CIM) in the Association of Image Consultants International. She is an authority on image consulting and management. Judith addresses the sensitive, often emotional, issues of personal appearance, attitude, and etiquette. Source: www.conselle.com


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