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On Standing Strong

I had a planned post all ready to share at 8:30am this morning but  in the wake of what’s just occurred ‘over the pond’ it just didn’t sit with my current headspace.

Style encompasses so many things, not just image but the manner in which we represent ourselves and I believe that Style is part of this election story and what’s to come.

The Obama’s have, without a doubt, represented their country with pride, respect with indeed style. The kind of style we perhaps should all try to emulate.  Faced with racist slurs, they held their heads high, faced with what must have seemed unsurmountable challenges, they did their homework and soldiered on. They never needed to shout, they kept their decorum, they commanded respect and they showed more than anything that they cared.

The unthinkable for many has indeed occurred, the world is a different place. Post Brexit for me it had become, a place that made me worry for my friends and family in the UK, that made me doubt everything I believed society had learnt over the past 100 years. It made me nervous. My parents, a British born English Rose and a 1st generation Nigerian Immigrant, now British citizen, fought to be together, to be married and endured but defied racial slurs at every turn. They never allowed their three daughters to believe that they couldn’t achieve whatever they wanted due to their all year Tan!

I met my German  husband whilst he was studying in London,  an opportunity for many, that in the future is threatened. We’ve been privileged enough to travel the world as European citizens, with complete ease, We moved to Germany and with our marriage combined Race, Culture and language. All with NO opposition, NO need to fight, NO ONE saying we couldn’t or shouldn’t.

I wish to raise my children in a world where they don’t see boundaries, where they see equality, where they witness opportunity for all. I’m pregnant with a baby Girl and I plan to raise her the exact same way I’ll raise my son. Encouraging adventure, a sense of wonder, respect for others and absolutely the believe that with hard work they can achieve whatever dream they hold precious.

There’s no place for sexism, for racism, for bigotry of any kind in the world I want my son and my daughter to know. There’s no place for it NOW! Inclusion, diversity, equality and education must become the cornerstones of everything we do.

This is the world as parents we have a responsibility to demonstrate every day for the next generation. Children emulate the behaviour that they witness. So let us be strong, let us stand united, let us venture forth with Style and Dignity and show them that this world though different can really be a wonderful place.


Here’s an earlier post featuring my thoughts on Brexit

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