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Review: The Seventh International Berlin Burlesque Festival

Berlin Burlesque Festival

The seventh annual international Berlin Burlesque Festival took place from the 17-20th October.

High-end burlesque acts from across Germany, Switzerland, France, Ireland, UK, Spain, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Vietnam, USA, Canada and Australia entertained new and seasoned Burlesque fans in two iconic Berlin venues; Heimathafen NeuKolln and Wintergarten.  The performers dazzled the audience with 3 fantastic days showcasing the variety and creative freedom possible within the art of Burlesque.

Berlin Burlesque Festival

Germany’s Marlene Kiepke

Death defying , jaw dropping, laughter inducing. The festival provoked all the emotions. Imagination, diversity and the pushing of boundaries was the manifest for a multitude of artists that delivered spell binding performances.

Berlin Burlesque Festival

Liu Boheme from Switerzland

Congratulations to Marlene Von Steenvag, Else Edelstahl and their team for production of a brilliant and memorable event.

Berlin Burlesque Festival

Asha Jones from France / Switzerland

SAVE THE DATE: The Eighth International Berlin Burlesque Festival takes place from Thursday October 15th to Saturday 18th October 2020.

Berlin Burlesque Festival

Spanish Evil Eva

Are you a Burlesque Performer? Are you ready to get on a huge stage and entertain one of the best audiences, then please apply!  Applications Deadline is April 30th, 2020. The strict main criteria for selecting performers is quality! The Berlin Burlesque festival want to present our audience a varying and high grading program. Therefore we explicitly encourage everyone to apply regardless of cultural background, gender or belief. www.berlin-burlesque-festival.com 

all photos taken and edited by Amy Silberzahn.

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