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On ‘Style not Vanity’

Style encompasses not only how we present ourselves physically but how we choose to represent ourselves publicly. It is an accepted fact that we judge our contemporaries within the first three seconds of meeting them, those initial judgements include not only status, wealth and occupation, but also an individuals’ self-perception, attitude or mood, and more often than not, ability. Clearly this is nothing to be taken lightly in today’s era of instant global communication. Equally, the constant assault upon our senses of ‘aspirational’ celebrities and their associated lifestyles has shifted society further towards an egocentric, materialistic representation of self.

The public manner in which the younger generation increasingly lives and the way that their choices are now so easily open for judgement from others has become quite the hot debate. Those of us in our 30’s+ relish the fact that our teen ‘mistakes’ aren’t available for public scrutiny. Parental concern is more and more focused upon our children’s dwindling social skills and the type and amount of exposure to social media.

Vanity v Style

Vanity is defined as a self love that shuts out everything else. But where does this idea play a role in creativity and focused design genius? Is social media encouraging a new generation of self obsessed, egocentric individuals, or is it opening up the generic ideas of beauty allowing ‘regular’ people a platform to express themselves visually? Is to be vain ever a positive? Many intriguing questions, all of which to be explored via Silberzahn Style’s “In conversation with” series.

I am personally of the opinion that a balance must be found, that the negative aspects are inevitably offset by the positive elements. There is a growing appreciation of back to basics living, organic homegrown produce, ‘old fashioned’ manners, alongside the encouragement of individuality, positive representation and ‘real’ voices. These movements have a global platform with social media channels.

Bloggers such as Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka, represent the ‘regular’ person struggling with real life parenting issues and sharing those experiences in a public forum. Such has been Mother Pukka’s #parentingtheshitoutoflife success that her husband has recently joined the team with his own instagram account, Papa-Pukka, described as; “vlogging support act to mother-pukka”. Inspired by little sis, Karen Whitehouse aka Sister-Pukka has also joined the fun with her own agenda “to ridicule sis, inspire the world with a new level of Aunt-related silliness and to be a voice for those people out there who believe that love is love, no matter the gender.” (Karen is a Lesbian) And let’s not forget grandmother_pukka, no really – possibly my favourite! With over 45,8K followers between them, they are undeniably an influential social media family force to be reckoned with.

Mother Pukka, Saskia Wilkins aka Liberty London Girl, Susie Lau of Style Bubble and Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella are just a few examples of established vloggers and bloggers who have made an impressive impact on their chosen industries. Their websites are inspirational, aspirational and undeniably influential.

Silberzahn Style’s focus is championing the work of independent small businesses, hearing their opinion on this concept of Style not Vanity, exploring the stories behind the brands and discussing the challenges and inspirations faced by these very real and contemporary voices of influence.

Within design, the creative must explore their unique voice within the context of their medium. They must continuously challenge and stretch themselves to develop their skills and ability and yet, the construction of a clearly branded identity with ethics, authenticity and originality at its heart is certainly no mean feat.

Join our debate with exclusive interviews in the manner of “a conversation with”, essays on varied subjects within the design industry, A Bakers Dozen series; Thirteen things on current topics and enjoy exclusive Silberzahn Style x collaborations.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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