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Sleeping Beauty

And there, sleeping beauty lies, as perfect and peaceful as can be, awaiting true loves kiss…

My reality = trying to fall asleep as fast as possible, to ensure maximum time before the threenager joins me for cuddles and kicking and snoring that’s louder than his favourite noisy train book!

Anyways! Having suffered from recurring insomnia for over a year, I’m keen to try to aid a calmer mind and relaxed body. Here are a few things I ritually do that help on the restful sleep front.

Enjoy a hot shower (or bath- if it’s not too late) It’s joyful to rinse the day away and not be worrying about the baby crawling in and requiring a clothes change and the three year old’s demands for attention/ a different breakfast / Fireman Sam. It’s a classic way to unwind and relax and enjoy uninterrupted thought. Post bathing It’s a real treat to gently massage truck loads of Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep lotion all over! My skin is finding Berlin water rather harsh so this rich cream is a must! I also use the Beauty Sleep balm for my hands and feet.

Journaling– if The H is not there for me to share my day with, then I really find this helps! I’m actually currently using a Daily Greatness Journal to help me find focus and balance in my entrepreneurial Mum life. I’ll post more on this soon.

I spritz my bed with Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies Goodnight Pillow Mist. The therapeutic blend of organic essential oils promote a sense of calm for a more restful night. The Ylang Ylang flowers are highly prized by perfumers and aromatherapists for their sweet, strongly exotic and relaxing fragrance.

Sleep has many functions, including giving our bodies time to restore, rejuvenate and overcome the effects of stress.

I love to give my face a helping hand with Neal’s Yard Beauty Sleep concentrate, a lightweight serum that helps support the skin’s natural nighttime rejuvenation, leaving my skin feeling replenished when I wake up in the morning.

Grazia Magazine says:

“Don’t let fatigue show on your face. This cream, with antioxidant-rich grape seed oil, is beauty sleep in a bottle.”

Meditation. I always meditate before I sleep to help clear my mind. 10-15 minutes to become aware of my body and breathing really aids the feeling of relaxation and signals it really is the end of the day. I also enjoy the new “wind down sounds” feature of the Headspace App I use which I listen to whilst I journal.

Wishing you all the joy of “sleeping like a baby”



GOOD  TO KNOW: NYR pays a fair price and community bonus for their ylang ylang, Hand-picked in the Ambanja region, and distilled in copper stills for the finest fragrance quality.

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