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Glamour’s comeback

Beyond the clothes, glamour is an attitude.

Lisa Aiken, Fashion Director of Net-a-Porter

An attitude, that in my opinion, feels very current in the face of this rather unsettling world.

Fashion often serves the function of distraction from the hum drum of regular life, it’s an undeniable truth that more often than not what you wear determines your mood, how you feel about yourself and how people treat you, whether rightly or wrongly. The fashion mood is changing, it’s become no longer uncool to look like you’ve made an effort. There’s a collective desire to feel good inspite of it all. As society moves closer towards treating women with more respect, a feeling prevails of creating a little more glamour in our lives. The world has become a scary place, opening a news report is accompanied by a feeling of dread, and with that comes a desire to escape and live for right now.

So how to add a touch of glamour to you and your wardrobes’ life…

1) Sequins are no longer naff! Just play it down with one feature ie. sequin pencil skirt plus plain black T and chilled makeup.

2) It’s all in the details- add corsages, crystal brooches, feathers and appliqué  to your denim and your leather.

3) Play it safe with an all singing all dancing bag, pair of shoes or just some glittery sunglasses.

4) Faux fur fun -add a stole to your day jacket. Or some fluff to your shoes!

5) Book some opera tickets and strut your stuff in a proper frock! The season is upon us!

You have to admire a woman who cares enough about herself to put her best foot forward, even on the occasions when she doesn’t have to.

Michael Halpern – The New Yorker and Central Saint Martins graduate became one of London Fashion Weeks brightest new talents in February 2017.

Check out my instagram feed for how I’m adding a touch of glamour to my world!


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