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Creative Journaling Class : little art

Creativity is at the root of happiness and innovation, and can easily be misunderstood and opportunities lost. Engaging in regular creative activities brings a lowering of stress, increased self-esteem and improved productivity. Working with a creative mindset allows us to make extraordinary personal discoveries, and startling connections in life and at work, move beyond the routine. It can be terrifying to be creatively courageous, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, on a journey without a fixed destination. When we allow ourselves to just follow our curiosity in that moment and be immersed in a creative flow… everything is suddenly possible. Through providing a safe space to explore, and prompts and techniques, The Art Journaling: Creative Courage Programme immerses you for 13 weeks in the therapeutic act of exercising your ‘creative muscle,’ as a group, and beyond into maintaining independent creative habits, and to become a more powerful and mindful observer.

So reads the info on the course and I’m happy to say that it rings true with the experience in practice. Monday evenings have become a wondrous pause from the practicalities of mum /work life, an opportunity to indeed reawaken my creative mojo   in a relaxed and unpressured environment. The little art may currently cater predominantly for children but Harriet’s Adults classes are impactful and empowering. Taking home the techniques learnt has resulted in my creating a specific “Art Afternoon” experience for my children where we create in our journals using different mediums and techniques. My Bullet Journal has turned into a functional piece of ‘art’ which I find such pleasure in adapting that a conventional diary has never previously provided. And I couldn’t agree more with fellow Journalling Student, “All the Bees ” thoughts;

It’s the highlight of my week, which extends all the way to the weekend because I’m so inspired.

Courses begin again in January 2020, so book now and don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore your creative side and discover a new passion. For more information please visit www.thelittleartlab.com 

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