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It’s all in the head

My son is 26months and my daughter 7weeks. On the surface all appears to be going well, he calls her “my Eva”, kisses and hugs her and gives her his bear if she crys. Dealing with such a massive upheaval however has resulted in a poop issue!

Holding it in, not letting “something else” go, however you want to put it, has manifested itself as chronic constipation causing such solid stools he crys with pain on passing. There is absolutely nothing worse than watching your tiny boy, on all fours scream as he try’s to poop. It’s a physical manifestation of the issues he can’t articulate- “who is this smaller person attached to mummy most of the time?”

He’s smothered with hugs and kisses and love. Drowned in attention from his Oma (grandmother) and been treated to small presents from Eva, but the sudden transition from 100% Mama focus is a lot for someone so young to understand and deal with.

As he lies in bed, snoring next to me, I got to thinking how often we adults internalize our emotions and how perhaps more serious physical issues could be created by our thoughts and feelings.

Acknowledgment is key, awareness is crucial and a treat, a cuddle and a kiss beneficial. It may all start in the head but it’s really does affect the body.

Post written at the dreaded 4am sleepless hour!


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