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On Silberzahn Style

Silberzahn Style initially focused on style within London, encompassing fashion, design and lifestyle. Offering insight through interviews, into the working lives of upcoming and established creatives. Recently entering a new phase of life as the mother of two small children, Silberzahn Style explores the joys and challenges of motherhood, sharing real life stories, products and brands created by Mompreneurs.

In a moment of, yay! I had some sleep,  brain clarity, I’ve finally gotten around to updating the “about” page of this website. This got me thinking as to why I decided to do this in the first place. I asked the H and he said simply “because you enjoy it”. I realized how infrequently, as an adult we do things simply because we enjoy it and it really made me sigh! Having children includes time just watching them having fun, I try very very hard to only intervene for safety reasons and allow my two year old to just be, to just do and indeed to just enjoy.

I’m very privileged to have this opportunity to be able to just enjoy sharing my life stories, adventures and experience. I love writing and chronicling the growth of my children, I like to feel good and look good, I love to help other people feel good too. I absolutely love great style! I’m very grateful to frequently have the opportunity to share other people’s stories, to share information on fantastic products and brands, to promote the new and entrepreneurial and support women in business great and small. I’m not paid to do this, my thoughts, opinions and recommendations are mine alone and based on real life usage of whatever product or brand I’m talking about or life experience I’ve had. I firmly believe in sharing the positive.

A mum friend was saying the other day how she felt she should be pushing for a promotion at work but she actually was just content with the balance she had with work plus toddler and I wished that we could ban this word “should” because sometimes it really is enough to “just” be, to “just” enjoy, to “just” be content.

The premise for Silberzahn Style is too continue this positive message and evoke the spirit of my favourite quote:

“Style is the impact of what we are on what we do”. Georgio Armani


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