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Silberzahn Style loves Splendette

Today’s In conversation interview is with Eeva Harryman and features her brand new accessories collection, Splendette.

Eeva is an extremely stylish vintage loving friend from London. She started her label accessories brand this year and it’s already going from strength to strength. Splendette was born from her love of all things mid century. She wanted to bring her clients beautiful vintage inspired jewellery to compliment both their lovely repro and treasured, true vintage outfits. Coming from a background of fashion design and buying, She has finally realising her dream of working on both an era and on products that she really loves.

Find out more in my exclusive interview below:

What do you actually do? Designer and owner at Splendette and Commercial Analyst for Brabantia. Busy!
What was your first job? Washing hair in a local hairdresser’s for £10 a day.
What motivated you to start your own business?
Seeing a gap in the market, knowing the trade, a passion for vintage, not wanting a boss!
What’s your biggest entrepreneurial challenge?
At the moment it’s finding the time to fit everything in so I can do it as well as I want to.
What inspires you to get out of bed every day!
I love life! Always have and don’t want to let it pass me by.
Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Motivated, silly, outspoken.
What do you do as a special treat for yourself?
Not work! Haha. Doing absolutely nothing is a massive treat.
What does the word ‘style’ mean to you?
The visual expression of yourself and personality, whatever that may be.
How would you describe your personal style?
50s, blonde, tattooed, leopard print.
Who is your idol?
So many for so many reasons. Anyone who’s doing what they love and doing it really well.
What’s your life motto?
Jfdi (just f*ckin do it)
What’s your advice to our readers?
Grab it with both hands and go, go, go!!

Huge thanks to Eeva, for finding the time to participate in my Christmas Gift Countdown, and sharing her inspiration. Check out her recommendations here and purchase her designs directly online here.


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