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When prepping new interviews, I realised I’d never actually published the answers to my own Q&A!

So …

Profession: My degree is in Fashion Design and Marketing. I describe myself as a Writer |Style Seeker & Stylist| Entrepreneur. I’ve worked in the Fashion Industry for over 20 years across all fields. First as a designer with my own label and then in retail, events, marketing and PR, most recently running my own boutique  selling exclusive British independent designers.
What do you actually do? Now , I own this website; interview entrepreneurial business women and seek out cool brands to write about, in between running around after my two small children. I’m currently exploring options as a style and entrepreneurial business consultant as well as the possibility of selling limited edition fashion and lifestyle products via this site. Exciting times!
What was your first job? Sales Assistant at Marks and Spencers – a work experience placement at 15 which turned into almost 10 years with the company!
What motivated you to start your own business? By the time I I graduated, I had amassing a great deal of work experience across the industry from in-house fashion design, Events, PR and Marketing for fashion and corporate companies, personal styling as well as in retail for independent, large conglomerates and even at international trade fair events. The key moment was when I worked at Associated Newspapers Ltd, the publishing company, based in West London, that own; Metro Media Group, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. I worked as an intern on The Mail on Sunday supplement ‘You Magazine”. Every day I wore clothes that I had made or customised and one day the absolute legend Caroline Baker told me to “go and create”, Styling fashion shoots with her and her team was magical but I figured I had nothing to lose by going for it, so I started my own label and began selling my designs at Portobello and Spitalfields Creative markets in London.
What’s your biggest entrepreneurial challenge? Shifting through all the ideas in my head to focus upon just one concept at a time!
What inspires you to get out of bed every day! The desire to interact with, inspire and motivate others.
Can you describe yourself in 3 words? Thoughtful, passionate, creative.
What do you do as a special treat for yourself?  Good red wine and alone time to read, to write, to create.
How would you describe your personal style? Unfussy, Elegant, Textured. -love mixing leather/silk/crisp cotton and knitwear. Interestingly I’ve found that since moving to Berlin, I’m starting to have more fun with fashion and pushing myself to be a bit edgier.
How would you define Sustainable Style? In terms of fashion it’s about buying investment pieces, that I really love and know I will cherish as well as seeking out vintage treasures and making and/or customising/ re-imaginaging my own pieces.
How would you define the idea of a stylish life? Getting up every morning excited to do what I do. Having control over my time, with plenty of freedom to be flexible, not only with what I do, but how and where from.
Who is your idol? I admire women who stand for something, are passionate and motivated. I have the pleasure of speaking too and interviewing many ‘ordinary/extraordinary” women who totally inspire me with their imagination and determination. I’m blessed with two brilliant sisters, who I adore and admire. In terms of well known figures… I would be honoured to meet Michelle Obama, think Jessica Alba is just incredible and have a long term girl crush on Angelina Jolie. Instagram stars, Molly Gunn of Selfish Mother is   brilliant and her instazine highlights so many more inspiring people and businesses, Mother Pukka aka Anna Whitehouse is also undeniably a bit of a legend! Michelle Ogundehin’s beautifully colour curated instafeed is complete inspirational gold (She also just happens to be my sister! )
What’s your life motto? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
What’s your advice to fellow entrepreneurs? Seek inspiration, never stop learning, and remember that ultimately it’s about finding your passion in life and making it happen and absolutely being able to truly smile at yourself in the mirror!
What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Be kinder to yourself, now is the time to explore and make mistakes but do pay attention, listen and learn. You will be ok!



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