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In conversation with Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips, Authors of a trio of best-selling Self-Care books.

I came across the Book, Self-Care in the Real World  just as lock down began in Germany. The non-condescending tone and smart practical tips that you can easily apply to your life, should they resonant, had me hooked and I found myself sending a copy to my mother! Their second, Rituals for Every Day focuses on establishing simple rituals that help you press the pause button on the pace of modern life.  As lock down took global hold, Nadia and Katia, encouraged by their editor, released an e-book entitled, Self-Care for Self -Isolation tailoring their advice to the new challenges faced.  This trio of Self-Care guides are ideal to assist you to create rituals and self-care practices that help bring you back to yourself.

I am absolutely delighted to bring you my exclusive interview with this dynamic sister duo.

What’s your story, what sparked your interest in this field?

We have both been in the wellness field for over 20 years and when we were asked to write our first book, it was a perfect opportunity to put together all our knowledge and share it in an easy and accessible way.

Is there a career highlight you’d like to share?

Working together has been a highlight. We are usually working on our own and it’s really fun to co-create with someone.

What mistakes have you learnt from? How do you change your struggles into strengths?

We are always learning from our mistakes. The one thing we rarely do is say no to something because we are scared to do it. We do it anyway. We make lots of mistakes and understand that things don’t have to be perfect, it is more important to grow from the experience.

Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips are sisters, co-authors and the best of friends. Nadia loves Yoga, is one of Europe’s Top Yoga teachers and has her own range of chemical-free candles and perfume. Katia loves to cook and runs the innovative Nectar Café in London.

What’s your biggest entrepreneurial, business or personal challenge?

There has been a lot of change personally and professionally but we are not sure what that has manifested as quite yet. But it’s coming!

How has the current situation changed or impacted the way you do business?

Nadia has had to move all classes online and that has been interesting and freeing in a lot of ways. Katia has had to close her café during lockdown and enjoyed being creative in other ways.

Katia has started making face masks made from Japanese Cotton and dyed with natural vegetable dye.

What do you do for encouragement or to keep you motivated?

When we work together we keep each other motivated and inspired. But when we are on our own doing our own jobs we definitely notice  that if we are overworked or too busy it doesn’t allow for inspiration. A slower pace gives more time for clarity and creativity.

What inspires you to get out of bed every day? -Do you follow a certain morning routine or daily schedule to maximise productivity and wellbeing?

Life inspires us to get out of bed everyday! It’s a gift to get up and have a whole new day.

It has been really important to keep our morning rituals in place during this stressful time to feel grounded and sane. Nadia wakes up and has hot water and lemon and a cup of tea and then meditates. Katia makes it a point to get up and shower and get dressed even if there’s nowhere to go.

How do you balance business, family, friends and your wellbeing?

Katia is not working at the moment so her focus is mainly on kids and family and taking care of them and herself. Nadia is teaching her Yoga classes online and making time to ensure that the food She prepares is really healthy.

What mantra do you live by?

Feel the Fear and do it anyway!

On Sustainability / Eco practices in the Self -Care / Business world…

What 3 key things do you think your industry needs to do to become more environmentally aware and sustainable?

  1. Being more conscious about where you are buying things from.
  2. Learning about the brand.
  3. Supporting local businesses.

What sustainable systems or environmentally aware activities do you personally practice and what practices do you follow as an independent business?

  • We try our best not to waste food. Katia is using food that is going off to dye her face masks.
  • We use biodegradable packaging for our products.
  • We have water filters in our homes to avoid using plastic bottles.

If you could travel in time what advice would you give your 20year old self.

Love yourself more.

What Podcasts or other sources do you listen to, gather inspiration or learn from?

Podcast Practice you – Elena Brower

Motivational books – You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

Life Coach – Kate Crow www.katecrow.com

Huge thanks to Nadia and Katia for taking a pause to be interviewed. Self-Care for the Real World has been translated into 6 languages and all 3 books are available via Amazon.


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