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In Conversation with Brighton Lace

Silberzahn Style loves Brighton Lace

I met the gorgeous Louisa Michel of Brighton Lace, a few years back, when hunting for original British designers for my Boutique. We instantly connected and quite frankly she’s one of the many reasons why I’d love a 2nd home in Brighton! Louisa is also responsible for some of my favourite lingerie sets, which were always a sell out in the boutique and are now available online via www.brightonlace.etsy.com Louisa is utterly obsessed with colour, demonstrated by the variety of stunning shades she develops for her gorgeous lacy lingerie. The fact that all pieces are always limited quantity as well as handmade, makes them essentially collectible alongside being some of the most comfortable lacy underwear you’ll ever own!

Underwear, outerwear, Brighton Lace lingerie is just too pretty to hide, the cover photo shows me in the summer wearing the beautiful floral teal and slate bra as a top.

Here’s my Q&A with the lady herself.

Profession: I guess you could say I’m a creative entrepreneur.
What do you actually do? I run Brighton Lace, an English lace lingerie company.
What was your first job? Haha, that’s good to remember, I worked at a hairdressers sweeping up hair and making the tea.
What inspired you to go down your current career path? I’ve always loved colours, fabrics and markets. I spent my youth wondering through Portabello Road on Saturday’s looking at all the work of young designers who’d just graduated from fashion school. I think that had a big impact on me. My parents are also amazing creatives, my father is a photographer and my mum is in fashion so I have the luxury of looking through their expert eyes, I’m continually inspired by what they see and what they love.
What inspires you to get out of bed every day! Mauwie, my cat, meowing for breakfast! No, seriously, I love running my business, I find it takes me to continuously unexpected places, I love getting down to the creating – deciding on new colours and designs, communicating with customers and working with so many inspiring people in the creative industry. I love learning the process of running a business which is mostly based online. I never stop learning, it’s a constantly evolving process, but it’s incredibly rewarding when someone half way across the world writes you a little thank you note because they love their new lacies.
If you didn’t do what you do, what would you do? Sometimes I think I should have trained up in social work.
Can you describe yourself in 3 words? Relaxed, dynamic, people-loving.
What do you do as a special treat for yourself? Going carbooting! I’m a real treasure hunter 🙂
What does the word ‘Style’ mean to you? To me it says something about elegance, but also something personal too, it’s individual. Style can be each person’s natural creativity.
How would you describe your personal style? Easy-going, feminine, slightly bohemian.
Who is your idol? Candice O’Denver. She’s created an organisation called Balanced View – an amazing empowerment network that inspires people to discover their strengths, gifts and talents and share them with the world for the benefit of all. (www.balancedview.org)
What’s your life motto? Love being you.
What’s your advice for our readers? Do what you love, the rest will follow.

See more of Brighton Lace via
Instagram: @brightonlace
Etsy Shop: www.brightonlace.etsy.com


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