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Alternative Tuesdays

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself to start actively doing the things I love and explore all the wonderful opportunities Berlin has to offer. I moved here in search of more creativity and it’s certainly proving easy to find!

One core mission this year for me, was to start moving my body more, I’m a regular at yoga, I completed a beginners ballet class (more on that later) but in search of something more active and with an impending free August, I spontaneously joined up for a burlesque course and I must say I’m impressed with just how much of a workout the classes have actually been!

The Art of Burlesque is something that has always intrigued me, Dita Von Tease has certainly made it well known but Berlin itself was certainly at one point the center of the scene. Risqué, naughty, alternative and sexy. It’s a type of performance that requires skill, rythmn, timing and absolute self confidence. All things worth learning and my mantra is #neverstoplearning

Research led me to Marlene Von Steenvag , known as the Queen of German Burlesque and her Berlin Burlesque Academy based in Prenzlauer Berg. Described as the Burlesque Art in highest form of perfection, there was certainly no better location to learn.

During the break of class 2, the ladies attending got into a fascinating discussion on how empowering they found moving like this, that they loved that despite very different styles and body shapes, burlesque felt inclusive and celebratory of variety. Learning just a few moves and with relatively little dance experience among us, these girls were soon moving with such sensuality, femininity and originality it was a joy to witness.

Who knows where we’ll each go with these classes behind us but I know we left them with some new sassy moves, a fresh boost of confidence and an alternative way of spending a  Tuesday evening.

Burlesque with Silberzahn Style


Intrigued… If you want to know more about Burlesque then click here to read Part 1 of my exclusive interview with Germany’s Queen of Burlesque, the founder of the Berlin Burlesque Academy; Marlene von Steenvag. 

Berlin Burlesque Academy
Griefenhagener Str. 64
10437 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)



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