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on Rauch & Groen

Renata and Agnieszka created their concept store in the trendy neighborhood of Friedrichshain, Berlin, with the aim to bring together slow fashion, polish designers, art and people. The store stocks, womenswear, menswear, and accessories.Just as it was for me and my store, The London Assembly, it’s crucial to know the faces and creative processes behind the brands selected for your store. This is a must for independent small business, in order to curate an interesting brand mix and have the knowledge to enthuse your clientele with excitement.Renata is great at building the bridge between the designers, and her fashion conscious clientele. I had the pleasure of joining her last Thursday for one of their “meet the designer” events and her enthusiasm and passion was palpable. A charming, friendly women she exudes confidence having successfully sat at the helm of Rauch & Groen for 4 years.

During the evening, I had the great pleasure of chatting to womenswear designer Magda Hasiak.

Inspired by architecture and the structure of design, Magda was a delight to meet. Her pieces are elegant and chic and I’m looking forward to sharing an exclusive interview with you soon and of course pictures of her most striking designs.

The store is full of stylish pieces including structural necklaces from a local designer, striking brogues in a kalidescope of colour and print, as well as fun and elegant items your wardrobe will thank you for! Looking to add some pep to your clothing collection? You’ll find it here.


What did I purchase…why, something for the weekend of course…

On Sunday, I’m joining, the H as he speaks about Mindfulness at a conference in Würzburg. This dress is ideal for my supporting role. 😉


Many thanks to Renate for the invitation and the warmest of Polish welcomes.

Rauch und Groen Slow Fashion Berlin
Gärtnerstraße 3
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
+49 15904054748,
+49 15904060468


Coming up on Silberzahn Style…

Meet the Owner: An exclusive interview with Renata, the fempreneur behind Rauch & Groen.

Structural Style: A Q&A with Magda on what gets her up in the morning.

The Tortoise and the Hare: What is “Slow Fashion”.



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