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365 days of Meditation

The mindful effect on creative thought

The H recently completed 365 days of meditation and posted his thoughts on LinkedIn. As an entrepreneur, wife and mother I thought i’d share my perspective.

When he first started meditating, his enthusiasm was clear and the ultimate intention of relieving some of the stress that he’s under every day sounded like an excellent reason. I’ve always, and without hesitation supported his ambition and frankly a happier more relaxed husband is an obvious bonus!

The run-streak aspect of the headspace app added the perfect motivation and it didn’t take much to convince me to join in and feel a little competitive to complete a year too. As an entrepreneurial business women and mother of two children under 3, i’m familiar with stress and anxiety and considering the H’s job means I frequently solo-parent Monday to Thursday, I am extremely time poor.

10-15 minutes of meditation has seen a resolute emotional benefit. Such was the effect of the app that within 3 months it was clear we were both addicted and statements were made along the lines of „I don’t know how I managed before I started this“

The most dramatic difference for me is a heightened sense of awareness immediately after meditating. It’s obvious when either of has „taken a moment“ and the H‘s ability „to switch from work to family“ on a Friday is profound.

As a fashion designer, I’m not going to comment on the biochemical effects of meditation. From a entrepreneurial perspective however, taking time for awareness, mindfulness and being in the moment is definitely conducive to creative thought. My most interesting ideas blossom with a calm mind, imagination flourishes in the peaceful pause before I open my eyes.

Frustratingly I broke my run streak after almost 300 days into the journey. However, I have completed 385 sessions, and spent 72 hours meditating since I began. I started again on Jan 1st so do wish me luck to succeed this year in achieving the year goal!

3 final thoughts on my husbands post…

  • The H is fortunate that his family not only tolerates but whole heartedly supports his career, as long as he loves it.
  • 10% happier is 10% worth having especially when it comes to being truly in the moment.
  • In my personal opinion the H is better looking than the person in his chosen photo and incidentally I’ve yet to meet any „regular person“ who actually meditates in the lotus position!


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