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In Conversation with Frank Lorber

Silberzahn Style Frankfurt Hidden Gems Lorber
Hidden Gems: Frankfurt
As I make the final preparations to leave my home city of 7 years, I wanted to share a collection of Frankfurt’s key retail & lifestyle locations. Based around the criteria of individuality, originality and the friendliest most knowledgeable service, these businesses all hit the mark! First up…
 I discovered Lorber, The Store by reputation and it certainly didn’t disappoint on closer inspection. Beautiful designer pieces, carefully curated by owner Frank Lorber. Goodies for your walls, your floors and for your table.
Here’s my in exclusive interview with the man himself…
Profession? / What do you actually do?
My main job is actually being a DJ, which I’ve been doing for 27 years! Now I also get to follow my 2nd passion which is interior design.
What was your first job?
 My first job was djing , I started my career at the age of 16 in a club in frankfurt called, The Omen.
What motivated you to start your own business?
I always had a dream to open my own store, so when I had the chance 7 years ago, I just grabbed it. I opened, with my ex girlfriend, a store called 2ndhome which is just round the corner from my new store; Lorber.

Silberzahn Style Frankfurt Hidden Gems Lorber

What’s your biggest entrepreneurial challenge?
To manage the store and my music life simultaneously.
What inspires you to get out of bed every day!
 I love what I am doing so there is no problem for me to be motivated to get out of bed!
Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Me, myself and I.
What do you do as a special treat for yourself?
I enjoy lots of wellness, I am  addicted to saunas.
What does the word ‘style’ mean to you?
To find something for yourself which suits you and that you feel comfortable with. I think that makes you special or stylish.

Silberzahn Style Hidden Gems Frankfurt Lorber

How would you describe your personal style?
Who is your idol?
My dad
What’s your life motto?
Everything happens for a reason.
Is there a career highlight you’d like to share?
Being a dj and traveling since I was a kid around the globe, having a deep and close relationship with my family and a big circle of friends around me is my biggest highlight so far.
What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs/small business owners?
Follow your vision, trust yourself and don’t listen to others!

Recommended product:IS there a particular item in
stock you’d like to recommend?
A close friend of mine is an artist and he is doing super beautiful chairs , come and see them in my shop, all of them are one of a kind and really special.
Egenolffstrasse 38
60316 Frankfurt am Main
Many thanks to Frank for welcoming in his store and participating in my Frankfurt: Hidden Gems feature.
Silberzahn Style Frankfurt Hidden Gems Lorber

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