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on 2016 Silberzahn Style

The picture gallery above shows a small selection of favourite 2016 style moments.

When I sit and think back over the passing year, there are just so many memorable moments it’s head spinning, but whether emotional, challenging, amusing or educational, there is no doubt it’s been a year of growth and adaption.

I could try to analyse all the ups and downs, but essentially the key lesson I’ve learnt is to keep looking forward with grace, humour and a deep sense of gratitude.

Tonight, I’ll be raising a glass of champagne and toasting the memory of the family and friends who passed this year. I’ll be thinking of my family, cherished lifelong friends and the precious new found ones and I’ll be taking a moment to appreciate the dreams and adventures that have yet to be imagined.

I wish one and all, the very positive of starts to 2017. Love, health and happiness.


Silberzahn Junior


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