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Christmas Gift Countdown: Children’s Book When I Wake Up

Today’s Christmas Gift Countdown recommendation is perfect as a Stocking filler for your little ones: When I Wake Up is a children’s book by Ming and Joanna Liu.

I was very curious myself about this board book when it pinged up on my Facebook feed as recommended reading from a very good friend. The illustrations are beautiful and the premise of the book is one very familiar to all parents everywhere.

“What will I do tomorrow? I’m a little curious…”

When I Wake Up is a quirky tale about a child who is grumpy at the prospect of going to bed… that is, until her curiosity takes over and the magic of imagination begins.
This delightful bedtime story, with a fun rhythm and whimsical illustrations, is the perfect way for winding down the day and getting ready for sleep.

It’s already received some great reviews and I can’t wait to open this on Christmas morning and share with my son, nephew and niece that night! Here’s what a couple of UK and US based readers think…

An impressive book from first time authors, I can see this becoming very popular. It is a simple yet entertaining story, that opens up the child’s imagination. Each page starts with an action verb,which will really help improve the child’s vocabulary. I loved the rhyming. As a Granny and former childcare professional, I give this five stars plus!

This book is well illustrated, well written, and well put together. The sturdy construction will hold up to little messy fingers and hard page turns. It is a quick read that is just as enjoyable for parents as well as the young ones. It is a much better value than a lot of other children’s books that are available and opens the door for further conversation between child and parent as to what is possible the next day. So far it has stoked creativity in my house, not to mention easier bedtimes. Definitely a must have for the bookshelf!

Independent Reviews published on Amazon.co.uk  and Amazon.com. Feel free to add your own reviews  below.

Available to order from Amazon on the German and Amazon UK  and US sites.You still have time to order for christmas delivery, though as per all my recommendations this is definitely #notjustforchristmas!

Find out more about the authors and what inspired them to head down this children book writing adventure in my exclusive interview here!



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