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In Conversation with Sarah Stoller

Silberzahn Style in conversation with Sarah Stoller

Today’s ‘in Conversation’ features Sarah Stoller, founder of Expat Babies Website and an independent consultant for Usborne Children’s Books .

I first ‘met’ Sarah Stoller by word of mouth,  by reputation she seemed like someone I would like very much, proactive, social and the organiser of multiple things. And indeed she is rather fab! Sarah is an essential contact in Frankfurt, if you happen to be an English Speaking Expat Parent! An oracle of information and contacts, She provides multi channel sources of advice, information and recommendations with her website www.expatbabies.com and her associated Facebook Group are constant sources of advice and support for the parenting community here. She’s even helps run an Expat Babies Friday Playgroup for that much needed adult contact, for parents of small children, who also enjoy the classic English songs and nursery rhymes.

So in between all this and taking care of her own two children, I caught up with Sarah for some business brainstorming and to record this exclusive interview.

What do you actually do?
Currently, Mum first, then I am a proud Usborne Children’s English Book seller as well as the founder of ExpatBabies.com which is a social network and information website for parents and parents-to-be in and around Frankfurt. ‘Helping parents become locals.’ as its hard enough being a parent nevermind when you are in a foreign country too.

What was your first job?
My first job ever was selling shoes when I was 14. It gave me the selling bug.  My first job after graduating was as an assistant on a trading floor in the City of London, and I took it further to become a equity sales-trader for the next 19years.

What motivated you to start your own business?
Being a mother, partnered with a German husband who travelled,and having limited German meant that I had little opportunity to work the 12 hour days needed for a financial career.  I also wanted to be there for my kids as it was such a wonderful surprise to have a baby at 40.  The business is still developing but I hope that passing on what I have learnt, and gathering the information for others not only helps me but helps others too.

What inspires you to get out of bed every day!
The family, and that we are all healthy and well.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Passionate, positive, curious.

What do you do as a special treat for yourself?
Mmmm TV is my vice, but a regular massage is both medicinal and calming.

What does the word ‘Style’ mean to you?
Confidence to wear it your way.

How would you describe your personal style?
Classic coastal? I have far too many stripey tops!

Who is your idol?
I’ve never been very good at focusing on one person but I always take a moment when I see those people who give up their lives for helping others.

What’s your life motto?
This is it, so make it happen and try to enjoy it.  If you don’t commit, it’s hard for people to commit to you.

What’s your advice to fellow mompreneurs?
Decide your own pace. Make each step small so that if you have to skip a few weeks because family or life throws a curveball you can find your way again.

How do you combine the demands of motherhood and successfully maintaining a career.
Not very well sometimes, but remembering that you are person, with thoughts, feelings and emotions and not just “a mother” is very important too.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self
Mindfulness, I finally discovered it at 36 I wish I had learnt it earlier.  Oh and take a little risk, being a little uncomfortable is good for you.

Huge thanks to Sarah for taking the time to answer my Q&A. Usborne Book features in the Silberzahn Style Christmas Gift List find out her festive recommendations here.

Plus You can find her Usborne Facebook Page here and can email her directly to order any books via sarahsenglishbooksforkids@gmail.com.

*Usborne Books are found in the UK in all good book stores.




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