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Christmas Gift Countdown: Amy’s Wish List: Part 1

So this one is for the pregnant mummies out there…

With my first pregnancy, when I started to think about my hospital bag, I gave myself a bit of a minor headache with the what to actually give birth in dilemma. I couldn’t imagine myself being completely starkers especially should I wish to move around the room, avoid catching a chill or keep any kind of modesty with frequent midwife visits and the necessary examinations.

I also gave some thought into those first precious moments when fingers crossed teeny tiny baby junior latches on. In fact night time breast feeding had played on my mind and an easy access without taking everything off night time number became a mission.

First time round, I won on the practical aspect and totally failed on the style factor. I hated the stripy number I had, it made me feel huge, frumpy and utterly devoid of any femininity whatsoever. The H wisely offered no comment.

So this time round, my christmas wish list included a simple but stylish nightshirt that I could hold my head up wearing alongside providing comfort and practical aspects.

My favourite stalwite Marks and Spencers naturally came to the rescue with this fabulous number which is actually top of my Christmas Wish List! I think I may need two! Purchase here.


I’m particularly loving the bottom covering knee length and the super soft Model jersey fabric, and I’m not the only one! Charlene Barton*, Marks and Spencer’s Womenswear Editor is a fan too;

This effortlessly SIMPLE nightshirt is a must for stylish lie-ins. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and there’s also the very important design fact that it’s a sensible length for lounging around the house. Consider it the ultimate lazy Sunday morning outfit.

Ok so i’m not completely delusional and expecting anything approaching a ‘lie in’ or a ‘lazy Sunday morning’ but whether I’m being woken at 20minute intervals to nurse baby 2 or being dragged out of bed by my toddler at 5:30am, at least my choice of nightwear will know where it’s at!

Oh and matching pyjamas are also available for more variety and that thing called at home lounging.


Purchase the pjs here: www.marksandspencer.com



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