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Christmas Gift Countdown: 30days to go!

30 Days to go!!!

With the aim of promoting independent business, over the next 30 days I’ll be featuring some of my recommendations of fabulous gift ideas for Christmas and beyond.

The first item on my Christmas Gift Countdown list is for the pregnant mummies out there…

It’s not easy to find time to relax in this day and age BUT it’s so important to treat yourself well and even more so when pregnant. As such today’s gift recommendation is the award winning Neal’s Yard Remedies Mother and Baby Organic Collections.


Last night, having gotten the small to bed, I spent a good 30minutes explaining in detail all my aches and pains to my lovely husband! Then, I ran myself a lovely warm bath fragranced with uplifting essential oils of bergamot, ylang ylang, lavender and pure organic skin-nourishing botanical oils aka Mother’s Bath Oil. My sense of wellbeing slowly becoming restored just with the act of preparation, I then treated my aching feet to an exfoliating peach seed and pumice scrub, combined with softening mallow and cleansing ginger mint, to freshen and smooth using Pumice Foot Scrub. I finished off the pampering with a generous slathering (to my face) of the Rose Formula Antioxidant Face Mask lit some candles and relaxxxxxed!


Following a lovely undisturbed 40mins of soaking, I gave the baby bump, my bottom and boobs a massage with Mother’s Massage Oil (ooo brrr!). This 100% pure organic skin-nourishing massage oil is a relaxing treat that is infused with soothing orange flower, mandarin and sweet almond essential oils, as well as vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil. FAB!

I love the knowledge that these products are organic, smell fabulous, look gorgeous and are 100% ethically produced. They feel like luxurious treats and quite frankly that’s exactly what every mother, pregnant lady in fact all people need ever so often!

The Baby products include the utterly brilliant Baby Balm which really helped soothe my son’s cradle cap and the dreaded nappy rash. With no harsh chemicals it’s so gentle it’s suitable from birth! The Massage Oil and Bath and Shampoo are suitable from 3 months and keep Felix smelling fab! The combined Mother and Baby Gift Collection is an ideal present for a mum to be, or indeed new/established mother, and will certainly be greeted with thanks.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a world leader in natural health and beauty,  who’ve been pioneering organic  products and ethical practice for over 30 years. Find out more here (previous journal post) and more about the company here. All items are available to purchase online by clicking any of the links provided throughout the post.

Spoil yourself, treat a friend, demand the collection from your partner! It’s Christmas people! ❤️😏


Amy Silberzahn is an independent consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies and a blue bottle fanatic! If you need any advice or help with your order please feel free to contact me via email.

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