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Monday’s Quote: Sophia Webster

Be a


in a flock of


Sophia Webster

I had the pleasure of attending Sophia Webster’s talk held as part of London Fashion Weekend and was quite taken back by this softly spoken lady whom I almost expected to flutter away on her delicate winged shoes! But that’s what I rather liked about her, those ‘shoes’ may indeed be delicate, feminine and rather sweet but they are also resilient, imaginative and fiercely intelligent.

Flamingo’s are Sophia Webster’s favourite animal and she confesses to often finding herself sketching her shoes on flamingo legs! She’s currently contemplating making a book of the drawings she has made over the years, which she reckons are stored in her mother’s garage!

I’m not actually 100% positive we can attribute this particular quote to Sophia but it fits and she personifies it, as do her beautiful shoes. Unsurprisingly Flamingo’s feature frequently in her work and you would definitely stand out from the ‘rest’ in any of her beautiful shoes.

The sentiment is fabulous and for me is what well styled fashion is all about; adding just the right amount of detail to an outfit to make it stand out, make the wearer feel fabulous and create that ooooh factor.

I’m currently in love with these signature Sophia Webster heels, the laser cut style of which launched her career! Silberzahn Style loves The Evangeline! I just need somewhere fabulous to wear them.

Silberzahn Style loves Sophia Webster

Find out more in my upcoming post on Sophia and her LFWKend talk.


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