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Monday’s Thought: Stacey Bendet

Silberzahn Style

People forget that

feeling good

is as important as

looking good

but a pretty dress never hurt anyone!

Quote by Stacey Bendet, CEO and designer at Alice + Olivia.

It’s all well and good to pop on the perfect outfit but if you’ve neglected what’s in your mind nothing’s going to make you feel good.

What’s inside radiates out and only the masterful actor can really hide that 24/7. Under pressure, the facade starts to slip, provoked, angry words flow.

So post weekend and as my Monday contemplation, why not take a moment to listen to your thoughts, write down those worries and move forward into the week, feeling aware, present and hey, good!

And go on add a pretty dress, because looking good is never a bad thing either.

Silberzahn Style loves Alice and Olivia

Stunning dress by Alice and Olivia, which just got added to my wish list! https://www.aliceandolivia.com/mani-t-shirt-dress.html


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