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On Yellow

It’s the color of happiness, and optimism,
of enlightenment and creativity,
sunshine and warmth.*

I’m totally obsessed with the colour yellow when it comes to dressing my son! Bright, cheerful and uplifting, I like to see him stand out, plus it goes rather well with navy and grey my favourite staple basics.


Since the weather turned I’ve been somewhat obsessed about getting him a pair of yellow Wellington boots. I picked up these lovely numbers by German company, BMS Outdoor Performance. The business aims to develop quality products with a long life cycle. Their company website states that; ‘[they] exclusively use owner-run small factories and interestingly 80% of their partner factories are run by women.’

Buy yours online here: www.bms-shop.com


There’s a practical aspect to yellow as a colour choice too, among the playgrounds sea of blues and pinks, I can spot my small easily! Definitely a bonus as he’s gotten rather quick! This cosy winter jacket is by John Lewis. Link here: www.johnlewis.com

Silberzahn Style loves John Lewis

The other factor in my love for all things yellow is that it also happens to be The H’s favourite colour. So here’s a beautiful picture of father and son and a pair of yellow trousers! www.marksandspencer.com


more on Silberzahn Style x Yellow coming soon!


*source: www.colormatters.com

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